Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Finding My Voice

Over the past two years I have felt a current start to swell within. Maybe it's my mid-30's, but I have started to feel much more comfortable in my own skin, speaking my truth, looking MY part, etc. I guess you can call it a shedding of fear.

For so long I kept my hair tamed, my clothes monochrome, and my voice behind my lips. That is not to say I didn't let my freak flag fly every now and then. And its not to say I didn't stand up for myself. Anyone who knows me in real life can attest to that.

No, it's more of a last layer of shell that needed to be peeled off. I feared being fired if I really wore my hair the way I wanted. Would lose Facebook friends if I really came forward as the feminist I am. Would be thought of as "too much", "too risky", "too outspoken" if I wrote the books I really wanted to write.

So here I am, faux-hawk at work, pitching a book for kids about Feminism. Another about a Flower Girl in an LGBT wedding. I have another in the works about how kids do not have to be polite when it comes to their own bodies and other people invading their space in any way.

This is my voice. I hope there are some listeners out there.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Getting nibbles at a "Twitter Party"

I recently participated in a "Twitter Party" for children's literature.

For anyone that does not know what Twitter Party is, it's basically the planned use of a specific hashtag during an allotted time. During that time frame, people who are looking for something watch the live stream of people who are offering something and using that hashtag.

For example, I have written a few children's books that I would like representation for, therefore, I tweet about my books using the hashtag and hope to gain the attention of agents and publishers. If they "like" my tweet, I have an in and am able to send my manuscript to them!

I've participated a few times but this is the first time I have ever gotten any "likes". I got likes on two different books, which is FANTASTIC!

I immediately started working on my cover letters and sent off my queries. It's all very exciting.

I'll keep you updated if I hear back from the agents!