Saturday, November 5, 2016

Taking time to take time.

I have finally carved some time out of my busy work and home life to take a weekend away to write, edit and pitch. This time is crucial to my possible success.

In real life I work a demanding corporate job, and am a mother to two young children under 5 years old. My day is packed from 5:45am to 9pm every weekday and on the weekends its the normal chaos and mental chatter of "life with family and house".

So this weekend, I am here, in a house, alone, for approximately 40 hours. So far I have tightened up 3 picture book manuscripts and have done research on agents who may be interested in each one. On the to do list is working on the query letters and the ever frightening task of pressing send.

I once read something about how instead of answering the question "what do you do?" with your job, that you should answer it with what passion you embody. For me, my corrected answer would go from "I'm a Facilities Manager for 3 offices" to "I'm a writer and creator."

Cheers to taking the time.

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